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Danny Meyer a musician, entrepreneur, and educator based in Brooklyn, New York. As a musician, he has performed, recorded, and toured internationally with musicians such as Julia HolterChairliftBeyonceDev HynesJayme StoneArt LandeLonnie HolleyOlivia TrummerRon MilesColin StranahanNedelle TorrisiFort LeanAcrylicsBrad GoodeTony MorenoJean-Lou Treboux, George SchullerRatzo HarrisAndrew ThollCorey FogelChris Votekand Grant Gordy.

Everything is a mirror.

Your parents, homeless people, the people you love, the people that challenge you.
Looking in a mirror can be painful. You see new wrinkles, old disproportions, blemishes.
As are all things, art is a mirror.
Art is a wonderful mirror, because it's a mirror that is beautiful. Looking into that mirror might be painful, but the beauty that's there will help get you to the other side. To truth. To acceptance.


Art is not an end, but a beginning. 

The great truth is that everything is beautiful. That truth is beautiful. 

Art is simply an opportunity.

A safe place to practice looking into the mirror, to be present with truth, and to learn.

                                                                                                                                   Danny Meyer

Everything is a Mirror
Colin Stranahan - Drums
Mark Clifford - Vibraphone
Danny Meyer - Saxophone
Students in a 6th Grade Band Class of Mine - Speaking