ClearWater Project in Ecuador

Carlos Snaider, BK Kahn, and Danny Meyer

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In 2013, Carlos Snaider organized and performed in a benefit concert in my hometown of Boulder, CO to raise funds and awareness for the ClearWater project in Ecuador. ClearWater is a community-led clean water project, which seeks to provide sustainable clean water to more than 2000 indigenous and farmer families spread across 20 villages in the oil-ravaged areas of the northeastern Ecuadorian Amazon. The absence of readily available clean water has contributed not only to a health emergency, but also cultural loss, developmental disabilities among children, and economic impoverishment. The ClearWater project is an effective way to provide immediate and lasting relief to communities in need, and helps improve their quality of life. 

The benefit concert featured two local bands as well as a silent auction, and was a huge success. The process of organizing the event began just with an idea, and quickly developed in a full-scale event that continues to this day. 

We recorded this song with the ClearWater project in mind, and we hope it will motivate people work together and do something greater than themselves. 

Here are a few words from Carlos Snaider! 

"This project has real, visible results! 100% of donations go directly to the construction of these units. The money raised from the benefit concert has already created two systems. Here are some pictures of the people my campaign has impacted.

Click here to make a donation!

Click here to make a donation!

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ClearWater has helped me realize the potential one idea has in uniting a community and creating effective social change. The community was eager to help when they saw that I was doing something for the greater good. So not only was my first event a success for ClearWater, it was a great personal success because it boosted my confidence and motivated me to increase my leadership roles within the community.

I raise the funds for ClearWater through a non-profit called Groundwork Opportunities (GO). If you have an idea of how to bring your community together to create real, sustainable change for people in need, GO will help you. I will help you. I mean it.

If you would like to learn about how YOU can get involved, call me. (713) 504-1302.”

- Carlos Snaider