Just a gorgeous recording. Highly Recommended.
— Wondering Sound
Color of the Year is a study in contrasts. The band skillfully weaves melody, counter melodies, dissonance, and harmony into a beautiful, shimmering portrait of musical emotion.
— The Jazz Daddy
It’s the way this trio works a small pocket of sound, revealing interesting facets through slight shifts in expression that renders Color of the Year a winning album.
— Bird Is The Worm

Danny Meyer - Saxophone
Mark Clifford - Vibraphone
Colin Stranahan - Drums


Danny Meyer a saxophonist and composer based in Brooklyn, New York. He has performed, recorded, and toured internationally with musicians such as Julia Holter, Chairlift,  Dev Hynes, Solange, Art Lande, Lonnie Holley,  Ron Miles, Colin Stranahan, Nedelle Torrisi, Fort Lean, Acrylics, Brad Goode, Tony Moreno, George Schuller, and Ratzo Harris and Beyonce,.

Colin Stranahan is among the most sought-after drummers in the world, working with such artists as Kurt Rosenwinkel, Johnathan Kreisberg, Dan Tepfer, and Maria Neckam among many others. 

Mark Clifford is vibraphonist based in Oakland whose performance experience spans worldwide, and he has had the honor of playing alongside an array of wonderful musicians including Tatsuya Nakatani, Jeff Parker, Wu Fei, Aram Shelton, Dominique Leone, Ron Miles, and So Percussion.

Colin Stranahan, Mark Clifford, and I have been playing music together for 10 years. We grew up playing music together in Colorado. 


released 03 June 2014 

Twos mixed by Jake Aron 

Twos, Calla, Children, Everything is a Mirror, 
and Puppets
written by Danny Meyer 
You Will All Go Shopping and Day Job written by Mark Clifford. 
First Rain written by Colin Stranahan 

Recorded in Denver, CO at MFP Studios.