Dance and Music

Through the study of  techniques developed by artists such as William Forsythe,  Ornette Coleman, Johann Sebastian Bach, Rudolf Laban, Igor Stravinsky, Inayat Khan, and Mary Overlie, we are building an interconnected and immediate form of communication across these art forms.

Footage from and Open Studio Session
Dancers - Ariel Asch, Marisa Martin, Kayla Radomski, Tina Wang, Nora Laltinen, Brianna Goodman Musicians - Danny Meyer, Tyler Gilmore, Tom Berkmann, John Lake

Accumulation This is a composition that is built through an improvisation technique called Accumulation. Think the electronic game from the 90's called Simon. Ariel Asch, Kayla Radomski Danny Meyer (s), Sebastian Noelle (g) 

Chart for Accumulation and Improvisation


Duet - Danny Meyer and Tina Wang

There is a motif for each section and form. The rest is improvised. Ariel Asch - Dance, Danny Meyer - Saxophone