Color of the Year

Colin Stranahan, and Mark Clifford and I have been playing music together for 10 years. 

Danny Meyer - Saxophone 
Mark Clifford - Vibraphone 
Colin Stranahan - Drums 
Twos mixed by Jake Aron 

Twos, Calla, Children, Everything is a Mirror, 
and Puppets written by Danny Meyer 
You Will All Go Shopping and Day Job written by Mark Clifford. 
First Rain written by Colin Stranahan 

Recorded in Denver, CO at MFP Studios.

All Browns 3:36
Body Doubles 3:23
Double Bodies 5:51
Gliss       4:45
Never Say That Again To Me 3:23
Baby's Bedroom 3:01
Insects 2:21
In Sects 1:41
Dispair Marches On 3:02
Molar 7:44
Walnut Shells 3:40
Waiting 1:35
In Space 2:34

Liner Notes by Art Lande:
Youthandageia was a project that arose out of a vision that the youthful Danny Meyer and Sam Yulsman had about sharing music in a free improvised context with jazz veterans Kent McLagan and Art Lande.  The four musicians went into the studio and simply played for 3 hours with very little discussed before or afterward.  The result is this CD which is made up of very focused and concise pieces, each with a specific mood and character that feature the varied and unique talents of all four players.  There is a coherent group sound and stylistic integrity that pervades the whole enterprise.  We hope that you enjoy this improvised journey and make of it what you will.

Phone Recordings

Danny Smoldering.jpg

I record just about everything on my phone. I'll post the really good ones here. You can hear some of my favorites below with links to the great musicians that are on the recordings. 

I have been playing with Colin Stranahan for about 10 years now. I used to drive up to his house in Highlands Ranch, Colorado and we would play duo when we were in high school. Here are two recordings of us playing duo in 2013 that I think are really fun. 

My Dad is a great singer. He used to sing blues in St. Louis with people like Albert King and Chuck Berry. Here is a recording of us playing duo. Voice and Saxophone. 

Danny w Julia.JPG

Here's a recording from a Julia Holter show in Poland in 2013. 
Andrew Tholl - ViolinChris Votek - CelloCorey Fogel - DrumsJulia Holter - Amazing 
I'm playing saxophone and pedals. 

This is a very fun recording from a clinic I taught at a school for children with learning disabilities in NYC. We we're learning about rhythm. 

Ayo Awosika is a wonderful singer that I know from Colorado. Now we both live in New York. Here's a recording of us playing a bluegrass song called Angelina Baker. 

This is from a performance in LA on 2/6/13 with Mark Clifford, Trevor Anderies, and Scott Brown. This is a song of Trevor's that I can't remember the name of.