#ThisIsAmazing Explained

I like to joke that, "I know people so good at music you've never heard of them!"

A friend was asking me the other day about developing their career in music. She said, "How can I play for big audiences? I want to play my music in front of thousands of people!"

I answered, "Brand recognition." 

And it's true! That's how it works. The music industry is no different than any other model functioning in capitalism. Money determines value in our society, and in order for something to be sustainable, it has to generate money. 

The number of hours spent learning about and creating music are not the bricks with which a career in music is built. Developing a career as a musician is a marketing problem, not a musical one. 

And that is why, many of the best musicians I know are "so good at music that you've never heard of them." They are simply much better musicians than marketers. 

I've found myself at 29 part of an incredible, international community of musicians and artists. Some of them are super famous !whoa!, but many of them are not known beyond our community. With #ThisIsAmazing, I'm going to try to talk about the good stuff. The stuff so good you've never heard about it.