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This is the first #ThisIsAmazing.
Today, I'll talk about the late Peter Spear.
Listen to Caveat Emptor by Peter and Empty Chairs here.

The Music of Peter Spear

The great musician Peter Spear passed away recently. His memorial was held yesterday at the Bell House in NYC.

Peter was amazing. Countless musicians performed and many spoke about Peter, and they all said the same two things. 

1) Peter was a brilliant songwriter.
2) Peter was love. 

I grew up with Peter in Colorado playing jazz.  He was the first great bassist I ever met. After graduating high school, he went on to attend the prestigious Brubeck Institute as well as Berklee College of music in Boston before moving to New York. 

Peter loved music. He devoted his life to learning about a creating music. He was inspired and inspired the people around him. Peter was a brilliant songwriter. Peter was love. 

I want to take a moment to share with you some of my favorite music by Peter Spear. 

Hey, Strawberry Girl

This is one of my favorite songs of Peter's called Hey, Strawberry Girl. I've included a chart below so you can play it.

Here is a chart for Strawberry Girl. Play it! It's super fun. 

Empty Chairs

In 2013, Peter, Whitney Broadstreet, and Matthew O'Koren released the record Caveat Emptor under the band name "Empty Chairs" performing Peter's songs. It's a brilliant record. Check it out!!! This is a great interview with Peter about the record. 

Listen to Caveat Emptor by Empty Chairs here, and a video for the song Akira - a song is about the 2nd anniversary of  a robot and it's owner. 

Thank you, Peter for the years of wonderful music.